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“Maternal madness dominated my childhood and teenage years — my father remained in the background, blurry, like his photography negatives which my mother couldn’t bring herself to throw away. Indeed, she had relocated him to the fringes, a ghost whom she had wanted to erase, down to his very name.”
This duo-monologue, full of images and songs, tells the story of a refusal to be broken. Political and domestic worlds intertwine – paranoia in Empires, paranoia in families. Nothing can silence this lively, well-researched and meticulous narrative.

The author/actress

Myriam Saduis is a French stage director living in Brussels. In 2004, Ingmar Bergman entrusted her with the rights to A Matter of Soul, an unpublished script which she adapted to the stage. In January 2012, she created La nostalgie de l'avenir (Nostalgia for the future) inspired by Anton Tcheckhov’s The Seagull, and led its adaptation and staging at the Théâtre Océan Nord. In 2015, Amor Mundi opened at the Théâtre95 in Cergy-Pontoise, a creation based on Hannah Arendt’s life, and a coproduction with the Théâtre Océan Nord in Brussels. Myriam Saduis has been a professor at the IAD, Institut des Arts de Diffusion, and at Cours Florent in Brussels since 2012.


“Starting from the most intimate, Myriam Saduis weaves with constant accuracy a moving show on the way history, in this case that of colonization, can break the reason of individuals.”
Le Monde - Fabienne Darge - 26 July 2019

“One of the strongest offerings [of the Carthage Dance Festival] was a theatre production. [...] Saduis’s retelling of [her] story is unsentimental yet skilfully interlaced with literary references. Emotions ran high in the auditorium, where Saduis’ remaining Tunisian family was present.”  Laura Cappelle - Financial Times - June 21, 2019

“[…] This is a troubling and poignant work of art, which Myriam Saduis develops with astonishing detachment, unexpected humour and fascinating historical and literary references. The artist has us hooked from the start thanks to her hypnotic, authoritative gaze, in which we can already glimpse the depths of an enigmatic childhood.” Catherine Makereel - Le Soir - November 18, 2019

“A big moment for theatre […] A clear-headed confession, without exhibitionism, on the art of becoming the master of your own pain.” Christian Jade - RTBF - November 19, 2019

“Final Cut reveals itself to be an encompassing reflection on the major issues of the 20th century, on the questions of building an identity, mixed-race heritage and decolonization. However, it is also a thriller full of twists”. Marie Baudet - La Libre - November 20, 2019


With Myriam Saduis & Pierre Verplancken
Concept and text: Myriam Saduis
Stage direction collaboration: Isabelle Pousseur
Artistic advisors: Magali Pinglaut and Jean-Baptiste Delcourt
Light design: Nicolas Marty
Video: Joachim Thôme
Sound: Jean-Luc Plouvier
Sound and video engineer: Florent Arsac
Movement: Nancy Naous
Costumes: Leila Boukhalfa
Dramaturgy advisor: Valérie Battaglia
Construction: Virginie Strub
Make up and hairstyle: Katja Piepenstock
Production: Théâtre Océan Nord
Co-production: Défilé a.s.b.l., Coop asbl, FWB CAPT Service du Théâtre
Support: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Shelterprod,, ING, Tax-Shelter of Belgian Government